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UND GRETEL Natural Cosmetics – BDIH Criteria

UND GRETEL products are tested and monitored natural cosmetics produced in Europe. This is guaranteed by the BDIH seal on all of our products. All the ingredients are natural – many of them are certified organic, marked with an asterisk * on the back side of the packaging. Most ingredients are plant products, supplemented with some mineral or animal products; the use of products from dead vertebrates is not permitted under BDIH rules.

All raw materials are produced and processed in a gentle and environmentally friendly manner.

UND GRETEL's BDIH-certified natural cosmetics contain neither ingredients made from petroleum products nor synthetic dyes, scents, or preservatives. Genetic technology and animal testing are prohibited.

  • Plant-based raw materials must be from certified organic producers.
  • The use of raw materials produced by animals is permitted, such as milk and honey.
  • The use of raw materials harvested from dead vertebrates, such as oils, fats, collagen, and live cells, 
    is prohibited.
  • No animal testing is allowed – whether during product development or in the testing of raw materials and/or finished products.
  • Inorganic and mineral salts, acids, and bases may be used. 
  • In additional to physical processes, microbiological processes as found in nature may also
    be used in the manufacturing process.
  • Raw materials made from natural products such as fats, oils, waxes, sugar, starch, cellulose, etc. may be used in the approved manufacturing processes.
  • The use of organic-synthetic dyes, synthetic aromas, ethoxylated raw materials, silicons, paraffins, and other petroleum products is prohibited. 
  • The use of nature-identical preservatives (benzoic acid, salicylic acid, sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, and dehydroacetic acid) is permitted.
  • Scents meeting the ISO 9235 standard and scents extracted through biotechnological processes are permitted.
  • The irradiation of raw materials and/or finished products is not permitted.



Does UND GRETEL Foundation contain aluminum?

No – LIETH Foundation does not contain aluminum. LIETH contains purified MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM SILICATE, which at first glance might seem to suggest aluminum. In actual fact, this is simply healing clay, known chemically as MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM SILICATE. This is known for its dermatological inertness, and is employed here as a source of minerals and stabilizer.
The base for LIETH Foundation consists of organic water nd organic sage water. LIETH also nourishes and pampers the skin with avocado oil, sunflower oil, precious rose-seed oil, and chamomile extract, all from certified organic production.

What is used as the base for the UND GRETEL powder?

The base material for the ILGE Translucent Powder consists among other ingredients of a mixture of various types of MICA (MICA is natural mineral glitter) and corn starch, along with avocado oil, sunflower oil, and chamomile extract from certified organic production.

Do you use mica?

Yes, because it's a mineral.
Every one of our mica suppliers has submitted a written declaration that fair and ethical working conditions apply in its mines. 
Child or forced labor are not tolerated. These stipulations are monitored through regular audits, individual inspections, and self-evaluations.

Why is talc used in certain products?

Talc (talcum) is a natural mineral substance approved by the BDIH for use in natural cosmetics. 
The talc in UND GRETEL products is of course asbestos-free, as required by law in Europe.
UND GRETEL also only uses this ingredient in combined form, e.g. in SPRUSSE Eyebrow Pencils and the compressed IMBE Eyeshadows, so, in normal use, no talcum is inhaled. Furthermore, the particle size of 
the talcum was chosen to be sufficiently large as to not be capable of penetrating into the lungs if inhaled.

Are silicon or paraffins used?

NO – UND GRETEL natural cosmetics are 100% free of silicon compounds and paraffins. 
Our products contain no petroleum products of any kind 
(see excerpt from BDIH certification).

How are the products preserved?

In the WINT Mascaras, UND GRETEL uses nature-identical preservatives: BENZYL ALCOHOL and DEHYDROACETIC ACID, as indicated on the packaging. These ingredients comply with the BDIH guidelines.
The other products are preserved either by partial dehydration, in part in combination with brief heating, 
or use is made of the antimicrobial and/or antioxidative effects of SILVER (CI 77820), GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE, and TOCOPHEROL.

Do UND GRETEL products provide UV protection?

Some UV protection may be provided by the mineral pigments in certain products.
However, we nonetheless recommend that a separate sunscreen always be applied, in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

Are UND GRETEL products gluten-free?

In the WINT Mascara and LUK Cream Eye Stick products, gluten-containing organic wheat starch provides 
for a better texture.
All other UND GRETEL products are gluten-free.
The ingredient HYDROLIZED WHEAT PROTEIN might cause you to think that the product contains wheat; however, as a hydrolyzed protein, it contains no gluten.

Do UND GRETEL products contain palm oil?

We do not use palm oil directly. Ingredients based on palm oil, such as GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, or ASCORBYL PALMITATE are purchased from suppliers who are either members of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) program, are GreenPalm certified, or use the Book & Claim procedure. All of these projects are aimed at gradually making the production of palm oil and palm oil derivatives more sustainable, from planting through harvesting and shipping. Read more at,, or

Are UND GRETEL products vegan?

Many of our cosmetics contain no animal products and may therefore also be suitable for vegans, including:
LIETH Foundation 
TUNKAL Concealer
ILGE Translucent Powder 
SPRUSSE Eyebrow Pencil 
SUNNE Lifting Modellage Powder (powderstone is vegan, only the brushes are from goat hair) 
HOLT Kajal Eyeliner (except 03 Dark Grey and 05 Auburn)
IMBE Eyeshadow (except 05 Lavender Grey)
The following products contain organic beeswax and/or lanolin: 
LUK Creme Eye Stick
WINT Mascara
TAGAROT Lipstick
Carmine is currently being used in the following UND GRETEL products:
HOLT Kajal Eyeliner 03 Dark Grey and 05 Auburn 
IMBE Eyeshadow 05 Lavender Grey
KNUTZEN Lip Gloss (all shades except 7 Nude Shimmer)
TAGAROT Lipstick (all shades except 04 Copper)

Do the UND GRETEL products contain traces of nickel?

Traces of nickel may occur in all cosmetic products. Measurements made on cosmetic products of the producer of KNUTZEN using simulated perspiration found bioavailable amounts of nickel of less than 1 ppm. 
This level is below that normally found to trigger a reaction in persons with nickel allergies.
For customers known to have a nickel allergy, we recommend that, before using a new cosmetic product, 
a small amount be applied to the inside of the elbow and allowed to remain on the skin for at least one hour. 
If reddening of the skin or itching occurs, use of the product should be discontinued. 
Please consult a dermatologist in that event.
The iron oxides used by the producer of KNUTZEN are the purest ones commercially available. These are food dyes (E 172), which may contain nickel up to a concentration of 200 ppm Ni (fully dissolved). In the iron oxides used by the producer of KNUTZEN, we strive to attain dyes with nickel content of below 50 ppm nickel.

General care information

Please wash your TUNKAL brush at least once per week and allow it to air dry.

For SUNNE – as this is a natural hair brush – we recommend that each brush be washed before first use, and subsequently on a regular basis. This brush is made of very fine goat hair, which must be cared for just like other natural hairs (a mild shampoo or special brush soap is suggested).

In general, all brushes and swabs should be washed once weekly with clear water and natural brush cleaner or natural soap.