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The Lover

Show us a tube of new TAGAROT Lipstick in Love Berry 07, and we’ll show you a thousand ways to rock red lips. Our favorite way to make the classic color feel fresh all over again? A neatly painted cherry mouth with an exag- gerated Cupid’s bow, inspired by Marguerite Duras’s iconic novel, L’Amant. With our limited and soon available DIENEN Beauty Assisting Brush Kit the tapered magic helpers that let you lay down color with the precision of a pro. Traced around the lips, TUNKAL Concealer makes the look even cleaner. Doesn’t that already make you want to ditch those beachy waves, unearth that hairbrush, and step into fall with a shiny Hollywood side sweep? Here’s to an impossibly sexy new season—and makeup that makes our hearts sing.

The Lover | UND GRETEL Natural Organic Makeup
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